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About Us

first of all, I better to inform you about myself and my company background.

I was an ATC since 1975 until 1992. And as Founder and General Chairman of Indonesian Air Traffic Controller Association 1985 - 1992.

 Until now all Indonesian ATC love me and keeping close personal relation with me. I was also working at Legal Office at Directorate General of Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority, and created Indonesian Aviation Bill of No. 15/1992. I took early retired from Civil Aviation Office for working as an Advocate / Lawyer until now.

My company PT. Sari Rahayu Biomantara was established in 1997, and serving AROUND 95% MARKET of General Aviation operating into Indonesia. We are the oldest Ground Handling company who focusing on General Aviation Services only, while the others are Ground Handling for Schedule Commercial airlines. But about the Quality of Services and Requirements I CAN GUARANTEE we are the best.

I can guarantee everyone will be so happy with our services.

This is the reasons why 95% of General Aviation which are VIP and VVIP Flights, and need TOP QUALITY SERVICES are using us. They do not want play with HIGH RISK specially when VIP or VVIP people on board. I give you opportunity to take a good decision FOR YOUR LONG TERM OPERATION TO INDONESIA. We're is a ground handling company that is fully certified by Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to operate in all airport in Indonesian.

Again thank you so much my brother and sister for your nice cooperations and for your continued solid support, looking forward to hear again from you soonest.


Chief Executive Officer,

Idewa Gede (DUDE) Swastha, SH

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